How It Works?

Marriage and Dating Agency in Ukraine


Dinner Date

If you are going to visit Kiev in the very near future then we can arrange for you to meet one or more of our ladies, whether it is for dinner or lunch, a coffee or just simply strolling around the city together viewing all the beautiful sights that the city has to offer. All you have to do is let us know which lady (ladies) you would like to meet, supply us with a brief description of yourself (we will send you application form to fill down) plus a recently taken photos and exact dates of your coming to Kiev.
We will then check her/their availability and find out if she/they would like to meet you and available for dates of your coming. We initially do this to prevent both you and her wasting each other's time if you are not her "type of guy". We do not charge for this initial research. If she responds positively then great, we will arrange the time and venue which suits you both.

If you are already in Kiev we would be very pleased to invite you to our office in center of Kiev where we can make a search together. In this case we can give you advices concerning each lady because we know them personally.


Please make an appointment at the office by a telephone call or by
e-mail to set up exact date and time of your visit!

Please, understand that we can work out of the office or work with another client. We work only with one client in the same time!

Our charges for introducing you to our ladies are:

100 euro - for a date with 1 Lady

75 euro - per date if you pay for
3 dates in advance (225 euro)

50 euro - per date if you pay for
6 dates in advance (300 euro).

45 euro - per date if you pay for
10 dates in advance (450 euro).

Prices for dates with VIP Ladies - from
150 euro for each introduction.

* Payment Options


Distance Introductions

Price for Distance Introduction service - 100 euro for 1 single introduction and - 70 euro each for 2 or more introductions.

Price for VIP Distance Introduction service - 150 euro each.

* Firstly we kindly ask you to send us an introductory letter about yourself and fill down application form (we will send you) plus attaching recent photos.

* We will then provide this information about you to the lady of your choice and find out if she is interested in you. If she is not interested, we will politely inform you straight away and kindly ask you to choose another woman.

* We do not charge you for this service so far. If she likes you, we will let you know immediately and after receiving payment we will provide you her contact information (e-mail address, Skype, Viber, telephone number).


* We will supply our client with the lady's contact details after having received his payment. After the lady has replied to our client, then our mission of introducing the client to a lady is completed.

* If the correspondence between the client and the lady fell for whatever reason (by either side) then unfortunately we will not be in a position to offer our client any refund or any other introduction free of charge.

Please don't write certain ladies off just because they may not speak fluent English. The vast majority of Ukrainian ladies are very well educated and they will be able to pick up a foreign language relatively easily during a couple of months.


* After having corresponded privately with your lady and you would like to visit Ukraine to visit her, which we strongly recommend as 1000 letters are not the same as meeting face to face, we will also very willingly organize your trip to Ukraine, airport transfers and sightseeing tours etc. for you at our advertised prices.

Please, see Extra Services. All you have to do is notify us of your travel plans and we will take care of the rest for you, to ensure your romantic visit goes as smoothly as possible for both of you.


Romance Tours To Kiev

* We have 3 different levels of dating tours, so you will get the best value for your money dealing with us.

* Our tour prices are based on 7 days / 6 nights. Should you wish to stay for a shorter or longer duration then please let us know and we will quote you accordingly.

* The cost of your apartment rental is included into the whole tour cost.

* Prices are based on 7 days of staying in Kiev:


Silver Level Tours

Price Includes:
* Transfers from/to Boryspol airport in one of our own vehicles.

* Staying in a comfortable 1 room/studio apartment in central Kiev. View Accommodation in Kiev to see the apartment details.

* Mobile telephone with local Kiev number.

* Interpreter on meetings (if necessary).

* Introductions up to 10 ladies of your choice.

* Silver Level Tours - 799 euro.

* Payment Options


Golden Level Tours

Price Includes:
* Transfers from/to Boryspol airport in one of our own vehicles.

* Staying in a modern 1 bedroom apartment in central Kiev. View Accommodation in Kiev to see the apartment details.

* Introductions up to 10 ladies of your choice.

* Interpreter on meetings (if necessary).

* City tour around Kiev with driver and English speaking guide (1 day).

* Mobile telephone with local Kiev number.

* Gold Level Tours - 970 euro.

* Payment Options


Platinum Level Tours

Price Includes:
* Visa support letter (if needed).

* Organizing VIP meeting at the airport. See VIP meetings at the airport.

* Transfers from/to Boryspol airport in one of our own very good vehicles.

* Staying in a luxury apartment in central Kiev.
View Accommodation in Kiev to see the apartment details.

* Introductions to as many ladies of your choice from our agency catalogue.

* Mobile telephone with local Kiev number.

* Private car with driver every day (up to 8 hours per day).

* Tour/entertainment program around Kiev (2 days - up to 6 hours each).

* Personal assistant - interpreter - any time - per your request.

* Platinum Level Tours - 1790 euro.

* Payment Options


Exclusive Ladies (VIP)

For successful gentlemen which are looking for very special ladies. We are very pleased to introduce you to our Exclusive Ladies (VIP).

If you are looking for Exclusive ladies (VIP), you can find them

Prices - from 150 euro for each introduction.

Exclusive Ladies (VIP) are:

* Special Ladies.

* Fashion Models.

* Miss of different towns Beauty Contests.

* Members of other Beauty Contests.

* Exclusive Ladies which satisfy specific requirements.

* Famous and public persons.

* Additional search, individual approach and search around Ukraine.

* Other special clients requests and conditions.


* We have carefully selected them from all around Ukraine.

* They all are different: fashion model, actress or nurse, highly educated or just kind and open-minded beautiful lady from countryside . we can do all for you..


* We will look for your dream lady by her type of appearance, education, religion, hobbies, or even a horoscope sign.

* Our manager meets each Lady personally in surrounding of their families for interview, she knows what each lady is doing in life and what she is looking for.

* Exclusive Ladies are not only beautiful, but also interesting in communication, spiritual and serious.

* As we know them very well we can recommend you which lady to choose, in order you will not lose your time.

* We have our own database of very special and Exclusive ladies.

* We will do search to any direction and level to satisfy your desires to find your perfect partner!

* On our website we provide only examples of our Exclusive Ladies. The rest of profiles with photos you can see in our office, we don't public profiles and photos mostly of our Exclusive Ladies in Internet. We show their photos only after contact.

Our benefits:

* Very flexible and individual approach, creating personal plan with each client according to his requests.

* See profiles of examples of our Exclusive Ladies without registration on our website and in Album of Exclusive Ladies we have in our office! For free and before you pay!


* Once we start to work, we will send you photos and profiles of our Exclusive Ladies personally to you according to your requirements and wishes.

* We can look for your special lady in major databases of Ukrainian dating agencies in other towns all around Ukraine, via small local marriage agencies without own websites, or which are oriented on Ukrainian market only, in model agencies and their databases, in shops and cafes, through our friends and circles of their friends and relatives, making advertisements in local newspapers and magazines according to your requirements.

* Our manager will assist you from your first contact until you will be success.

Price for meeting Exclusive Ladies depends of many factors and will be calculated individually for you after you contact us and send us request.
Don't waste your time to find your perfect soul mate to visit many Ukrainian cities and towns and dating agencies. We will save your time providing excellent high-level service.

Please, contact us to create your personal Exclusive Program.

* Payment Options

Warning! We are not responsible for financial relationship between our clients and our ladies! Buying expensive gifts, clothes, tours, visas, sending money and/or giving cash, etc. are totally up to your will and judgment!

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