Payment Options

The following are accepted forms of payment:


By Cash In Our Office

PayPal Payment

Quick Money Transfer Systems

Payments may be made by Western Union, MoneyGram or Unistream systems direct to name of manager of our company in Kiev/Ukraine. It is a fastest and easy way to transfer money. After approval, your money can be available for pick up within minutes. It is a convenient way for late bookings. If you order/book services less then in 5 working days in advance we may ask you to send payment using this to secure your bookings / reservations.

Bank Transfer

On receipt of our invoice you may pay us by a direct bank transfer. Our bank details will be supplied on the invoice. Our company has bank account in UAH, US, EURO

All Your Financial Information Is Kept Strictly Confidential.

The payment system in accordance with international safety standard PCI DSS and supports international technology to protect your personal card payment systems Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode, 3D Code.

All Prices In Euro Are Equivalent To The Amount That Is Paid In National Currency According To The Exchange Rate On The Day Of Payment.