About VisionEve

Marrige and Dating Agency
Our company is legally registered under the laws of Ukraine as an private enterprise.
Registration # 621672. Issued by Kiev City Authority.
Identification number of Entrepreneur # 2605612926.
Certificate is issued by the State Administration on 15.10. 2002.
We have an office in the center of Kiev. The address of our office is Lesi Ukrainki boulevard 15

Our Ladies

About Our Ladies

We do not accept ladies photos and applications by e-mail or by post, nor do we exchange profiles or email addresses with other agencies. Mostly photos of our ladies are taken in our own photo studio by our own professional and experienced photographer. All our ladies photos are naturally taken and are recent photos of them. We generally take more than 20 photos of each lady, so you can get a true impression of the lady, which hopefully helps you realize more how she looks in real life.

Ladies Profiles

We also try interview each lady who visits our office personally or at least by phone, to identify what kind of person she is and what she is looking for, so that we can provide you with much more information about the lady than any application form or internet profile would. We will always inform you if the lady you like (after you having seen her photo and profile data), really meets your requirements and what you can expect of her. We are here to assist you find your soul mate.

Ladies Contacts

We don’t sell ladies e-mail addresses or offer a monthly membership fee where you can write to who you fancy, because we don’t think it to be a proper and professional service. We provide a service whereby we ask you to send us a letter of introduction plus recently taken photos which we will forward onto your chosen lady. Should she be interested in you then we will require payment to introduce the two of you together. If she politely denies your approach then you have not spent any money.

About Our Team

VisionEve staff will initially ensure that the lady, who you might be interested in, is totally suited to you and you are suited to her as well, to avoid either of you wasting each others time. Many agencies work on the principal of quantity….we proudly work on the principal of quality. Many agencies are only interested in your money… Our main aim is to assist you find the lady of your dreams.

We are sure you will thoroughly enjoy your trip to Ukraine and that you will also be really pleased to get acquainted with our nature, history, cuisine and our old traditions. EU member countries, US nationals and some other nationals no longer need a visa to visit Ukraine. Please check with the Ukraine Embassy in your country or alternatively contact us for visa help.

Please, see Extra Service/Visa to Ukraine.

Meeting Your Lady

In our proven and tested opinion, the best way for you to get to know your lady friend better, is to visit her in Ukraine, her mother country, to see the lady in her natural environment, meet her friends and relatives, and get to know more about the country where she lives. A thousand letters will not be the same as meeting her face to face in her own environment. We can’t guarantee the right magical chemistry between the two of you, and letter writing most certainly won’t either. However, a meeting in real life between the two of you will. You will be pleasantly surprised to find how lovely, friendly, hospitable and warm the people of Ukraine are. Your visit to Ukraine to meet your lovely lady may be the most rewarding experience you may achieve in your life

Ladies Foreign Language Ability

Minimum: She may know the odd phrases but she will need the assistance of a dictionary or interpreter.

Moderate: She will be able to read and write to you and speak on the phone, but as the foreign language is not her native language she might still struggle with some words.

Fluent: As it implies.

The vast majority of Ukrainian ladies are very well educated and they will be able to pick up a foreign language very easily as they are prepared to work hard and study to better their foreign language skills.


We can also offer you qualified interpreters (if needed), guides, and drivers (including English-speaking ones) with reliable cars. Rather than get a taxi from the airport, let us collect you and take you to your accommodation and during the journey we can informally chat to you about your lady, Ukrainian cultures and traditions, and things which will make your trip more pleasurable. Once with your lady, allow us to supply you with a car and driver to see the lovely sights of Kiev at your own pace. Your lady will feel very proud showing you around her city in comfort, rather than using crowded public transport systems.

We have different levels of dating services, so you will get the best value for your money dealing with us.

Please see Services for more details of our dating trips and other services offered for your trip to Ukraine.